5 Statement Clutches That Sizzle This Summer

May 2 2012 • by Sarah

A clutch bag can be two things: a mini carry-all for the barest essentials and an accessory to top all accessories. The best thing about opting for a clutch instead of a larger handbag is that it doesn’t compromise your outfit, your shoulders and arms remain free — save for that small pouchette, nothing gets in the way.

In any season and for any occasion, a statement clutch in your hand can speak volumes. Stylish women often play with clutch types and colors depending on the kind of look they want to achieve. For example, someone who wishes to dress up in a simple, low key dress might want to accessorize with bold jewelry or yes, a stunning clutch bag. This is precisely why a statement clutch is called such, it veers the gaze away from the dress.

So here are 5 statement clutches that are guaranteed to blow everyone away on your next soiree, be it spring or summer, day or night.


This Louboutin mini clutch is made of silk fabric with a floral watercolor print. The monochromatic tones provide softness and contrast the steely gold polished frame. I also think the iconic kiss-lock closure in the shape of shoes is a pretty femme touch. I imagine pairing this clutch with black trousers and a white shirt. An orange colorblock dress will also be tres chic!

Rochas-Borsa-Pelle-Clutch-001(Sold Out)

The zesty lime green metallic clutch from Rochas is just too cute to ignore. It’s actually a 12-inch fold-over leather number that features a gold tone padlock and key. The metallic sheen is what makes this bag a head-turner, it’s not everyday that you see a metallic clutch with just the right shade of bright green. The outfit that comes to mind: black jeans, black booties and a grey top. For a low-key get-up, this clutch will provide some super serious paunch.

(Sold Out)

Oh I love the color of this clutch so much I would wear it with just about anything else in my closet! The blue snakeskin leather, the ornate gold frame encrusted with Swarovski crystals, the gold chain and gold flower magnetic snap results to an exquisite statement clutch bag. A sheer bone colored dress will make this clutch stand out even more.

Stella-McCartney-Pembridge-Braided-Clutch-002(Sold Out)

A touch of tropical class, that’s what this clutch has. The woven leather is so characteristic of Bohemian style, I can easily picture it with a maxi dress in a contrasting color such as green, purple or even pink! Floral prints will also go well with this Stella M bag, yes? But if you want to use this clutch as a conversation piece, wearing subtle earth tones will do the trick. Tan or brown leather footwear will be a nice, complementing touch.

With an astonishing $2500 tag price, this Fendi clutch can be considered a wildly elegant investment. The entire flap is made up of tiny glass beads trimmed in mink with round designs meant to stand in as daisies. Hows about that for geometric? This bag gives off a tribal feel as well and would have been the perfect Coachella Festival bag! It’s a mod bag, alright — so I would wear it with something 1960 or 70-ish fashion. Perhaps a pair of flares and a peasant top? Or a deep green shift dress?