Find of the Day: Agate Inlaid Clutch

Mar 9 2011 • by Sarah

Looking for something out of the ordinary in the world of clutches? Well consider yourself lucky, as today I’m going to share with you a great find.

Enter the Agate Inlaid Clutch hailing all the way from India.

Agate Inlaid Clutch, $35.99 each

I couldn’t quite believe my eyes upon seeing the retail price of these beauties. This Sajai as it is called, is decorated with semi-precious stones and small findings each handcrafted and precision welded into the metal sheet.

It comes in a squarish shape and a roundish one. I think such a purse is a gem and boy, is it a steal at $35.99!

Discovering this Agate Inlaid Clutch made me want to go back to Rose Huntington-Whiteley’s gorgeous inlaid clutch at the Vanity Fair Oscar party.


Rose Huntington-Whiteley with John Statham (image via

It’s not exactly the same, could even be far from it, but somehow I was reminded of Rose’s gorgeous inlaid clutch upon seeing the agate inlaid clutches. Far from similar, I know, but could even be better considering the total acquisition cost of our great finds of the day.

I’ll head over to OVERSTOCK now if I were you.