See By Chloe Rock Bunny Clutch

Mar 2 2011 • by Sarah

It’s the year of the rabbit hence I wonder if pun was intended when the Rock Bunny Clutch by See by Chloe was designed.

See by Chloe Rock Bunny Clutch, $295

Isn’t this hilarious and at the same time, cute beyond words? It comes in bronze and made entirely out of leather. It features a detachable strap and is lined with cotton twill. What amazes me is the shape and the fun concept itself.

I’m not too keen on the price though. Almost $300 for a cutesy piece like this is just beyond me. See by Chloe is Chloe’s little ‘more attainable’ sister. Yet, this Rock Bunny is still on the high side, I think.

Found this over at REVOLVE CLOTHING and I just thought it could put a smile on your face. Check out the site, it has a lot of great offerings.