Magid Kiss Lock Feathered Clutch

Oct 21 2010 • by Roselle

Want something different to go with your red carpet attire? Try this Magid Kiss Lock Feathered Clutch. They say fringes on shoes and bags are the trend this season, well, how about if we include feathers into that? Will you take it?

Magid Kiss Lock Feather Clutch, US$56

It comes with a large amber crystal at the center for that added effect. You can grab it in Brown, Grey and Plum colors too…Though only the body of the bag will change in color;  the feathers and amber crystal stay the same.

Brown, Grey, and Plum colors

What do you think? Would you give this purse a go? If you think this feathery clutch would look perfect with your outfit, get it for an easy US$56.

Come to think of it, this purse can actually pass as a Halloween prop. You can use it  with your Halloween disguise. I’m thinking along the lines of a flapper costume like these:

Black Flapper Costume, US$35 (was US$50); Gatsby Girl Costume, US$67 (was US$75); Gatsby Girl Deluxe Costume, US$45 (was US$53)