Tyra Banks: A Ball Clutch and a Spidey Mask for the Vogue’s 90th Anniversary Party

Oct 17 2010 • by Roselle

Tyra Banks got some good attention when she attended the Vogue 90th Anniversary Party that took place late last month. The supermodel and TV host took the arrival floor (yup, there was no carpet) to a whole new level when she paired her black Roberto Cavalli beaded strapless gown with a spidey looking fishnet mask.

Tyra Banks Paris Fashion Week – Vogue 90th Anniversary Party held at Hotel Pozzo di Borgo Paris, France, September 30

I admit, the spidey mask looks fierce and quite a show-stopper, but I also find the tiny ball shaped purse hanging on her wrist quite intriguing. Here’s a closer look at that purse:

Tyra’s Ball Shaped Clutch

Isn’t it cute? I like how perfectly round it looks.  The shape is not very common among evening bags, but once you wear it, attention will surely come to you. I couldn’t find any information on its origin but if you like the concept, you can do better by grabbing this Fur Ball Clutch from Christian Louboutin.  It’s so much better looking with its natural mink fur material:

Christian Louboutin Eden Vision Fur Ball Clutch, $1395

It is quite pricey, running at a really heavy $1395. If spending that much for a small piece of accessory is too much, go for these very affordable round or oval evening purses instead:

Menbur Unien Clutch, $65

Sondra Roberts Laser Cut Floral Clutch, $98

Avance Halder Clutch, $57

Credit: WENN.com