Vintage Chanel Quilted Mini Chain Purse: Worth It or Too Much?

Aug 28 2010 • by Roselle

How high can you go when it comes to a piece of bag? Or to be more specific, how much are you willing to spend on a tiny little clutch?

I’m sure all your answers vary, but let’s say you’re a bagaholic and a designer junkee and you earn a good living, would you be willing to spend US$3000 on this tiny little vintage Chanel clutch?

WGACA Vintage Vintage Chanel Quilted Mini Chain Purse, US$2995

It is quite tiny, about 5 inches in height and 7 inches in length. For such a tiny purse, it is really, and I mean tremendously expensive; as all other Chanel purses I guess.

It’s actually a fabulous looking piece. Apart from the rich quilted lambskin material, it can also function as a shoulder bag or a waist purse with the use of its detachable strap.

Detachable Chain Strap

I understand the fascination with Chanel. The experience of owning one is priceless after all, but to spend US$3000 on a tiny little clutch? Isn’t that a little too much?

Let’s not include the Hollywood celebrities and heiresses here, because money is no issue to them. I am simply asking you, the regular citizen, whether you’re earning an excellent living or a good one, do you think this Vintage Chanel Mini Purse is worth it? Or do you simply think it’s too much? Would you buy it if you can afford it?