Give Selma Blair a New Clutch

Aug 9 2010 • by Roselle

Wow…this sure is a pretty picture of Selma Blair. I can’t seem to pinpoint what’s making it oh-so-perfect.

Selma Blair Los Angeles Premiere of ‘Middle Men’ at the Arclight Cinemas, August 5, 2010

Is it her dress? Her black wavy hair? The angle? The pose? The skin? The legs? You know what, it’s the whole thing. It’s the combination of everything. I say this is her best shot ever.

And then I saw this picture…

Oh Selma, why oh why did you have to break the beautiful momentum by pairing your stunning black dress with a deep maroon clutch?

Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t look bad. But I find it kind of…lacking. You know, like she could have done better. She should have chosen a different purse. Something that would have stood out like a statement; either that or she should have just gone black all the way. What do you think? Do you agree with me on this?

Now if you were given the chance to change that one tiny detail on Selma’s outfit, which among these would you go for:

By Malene Birger Morcheba Clutch, US$445; Lauren Merkin Louise Crepe Clutch, on sale for US$126; Felix Rey Jungle Love Basket Clutch, on sale for US$95

Rafe New York Freida Flap Clutch, on sale for US$230; Franchi Handbags Beatrice Clutch, US$179; Alexander McQueen Knuckle Duster, US$1,979