A Football for a Clutch?

May 27 2010 • by Sarah

Alexander Wang may have taken the word sportswear too literally. After a successful collaboration with Gap, he seem to have taken the same route for  his Spring collection, with American Football as his primary theme.

I am not a big fan of this sport and neither would I be caught dead wearing bold shoulder pads on my petite frame. This downtown fashion’s pied piper however did his magic and did it quite well.  Although some pieces were a little bit too costume like, the collection was one of the best and the freshest this season. It was editor material and wearable at the same time. No wonder Alex has garnered quite an IT girl following for someone who’s relatively new in the industry.

Alexander Wang’s biggest fan is no less than Rihanna herself. She is often times seen in his pieces in those occasions when she’s not dressing up too wildly. After the Superbowl, she was in one of Wang’s signature pieces, the padded cut out sweater dress (check out the video here).

Other pieces worth mentioning are the following.

Ponte Dress with Sweatshirt Tie Overlay

Khaki Corset Dress

Asymmetrical Khaki Skirt with Leather Detail

And of course the reason behind this blog entry is this.

Brady Football Clutch

Made from distressed leather with quilting at the front and back panels plus the whipstitch detail at the front, this one looks like a football indeed. It seems roomy for a clutch too. I’m just not too sure if I want a football looking clutch for myself though, especially since its not exactly cheap. For its price ($395), I can get a full leather handbag already. But I am certain there are a lot of fashion savvy gals who wouldn’t mind paying for this unique A. Wang clutch.

I have a little trivia before closing this entry. Was this clutch named after Giselle Bundchen’s husband and quarterback star Tom Brady? Couldn’t help but wonder on the side.