Spot the Difference: Valentino vs. J. Furmani vs. Nordstrom

Nov 15 2010

I still can’t forget about Carmen’s Electra’s mysterious bow clutch so I am going to cover another set of bow clutches today. But this one is entirely different as it is more of a game.

Enter the Valentino Bow Detail Clutch, a luxe piece perfect for formal occasions. Lovely but also pricey, with a retail value of US$795 – a number that only the wealthy can afford.

Valentino Bow Detail Clutch, US$636 (was US$795 at Bluefly)

It is a very popular clutch. Oh so popular that it earned itself a few knock offs. I found two – J. Furmani and Nordstrom. Yeah, you heard that right, Nordstrom created a knock off of the purse. Take a look:

Nordstrom Bow Flap Silk Clutch, US$32 (was US$48 at Nordstrom)

They did make a small adjustment on the mechanics of the bag. Can you guess what? Clue – it is in the description.

As for J. Furmani, well, like Nordstrom they made a small adjustment too. Scrutinize the picture below and compare it with the Valentino above. Can you spot the difference?

J. Furmani Bow Wristlet, US$25 (

Now let me end this article with a question, if money was no object, which clutch would you buy? Let me guess, the Valentino?

Can You ID Carmen Electra’s Bow Clutch?

Nov 13 2010

That’s it. I give up. I can’t seem to find any info on Carmen Electra’s bow clutch. Carmen was spotted wearing the clutch twice. She brought it to the Rebecca Taylor Spring 2011 show during New York Fashion Week (September 12). And then last week, we saw the clutch do a repeat performance when Carmen went to the 2010 ARIA Awards in Sydney.

Some pics for you:

Carmen Electra The 2010 Australian Recording Industry Association ‘ARIA’ Awards held at the Sydney Opera House – Arrivals Sydney – November 7, 2010

I initially thought the clutch was by Louboutin, then I found out I was completely mistaken. I moved on to Choo then Valentino, but then I was wrong again. I even Googled it, but that was not very helpful either. It was like finding a needle in a hay stack. If you know who made Carmen’s bow clutch, please share the information. It will really make my day.

The closest look-alike (in terms of shape/silhouette) I found was this purse from Betsey Johnson, except that it comes in a totally different material and color; plus it’s a flap rather than a top zip:

Betsey Johnson Sequin Bow Wristlet, US$55

In terms of color, these salmon colored Juicy Couture clutches were the best I could find:

Juicy Couture Wool Embellishment Wristlet, US$88; Juicy Couture Gifting Bow Capsule Demi, US$198

So what do you think? Can you help me ID Carmen Electra’s Bow Clutch?

Credit: Robert Wallace/

Tyra Banks is Very Wallstreet Appropriate

Oct 24 2010

Tyra Banks sure has an interesting taste when it comes to clutch bags. The last time we featured her, she was carrying a satin ball clutch. This time, we found her holding on to a cute utilitarian looking rectangular piece that had a provision for the hand to it; kind of like Alexander McQueen’s glove clutch.

Tyra Banks at the New York movie premiere of ‘Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps’ at the Ziegfeld Theatre – Afterparty New York City, September 20, 2010

She was spotted wearing the purse while attending the Wallstreet: Money Never Sleeps premiere in New York. I guess she took the event  a little too seriously too because she decked herself in a 3-piece suit. Can’t say she didn’t look good though, because she did; and the purse matched her outfit perfectly too. Here’s closer look at Tyra’s clutch:

Tyra’s clutch

I did some digging on it but could not find any information. If you like it for its function, you can grab these foldover clutches from Jalda instead. Just insert your hand into the handle while it is folded so you can hold the bag like the way Tyra held her purse.

Jalda Lizard Embossed Bean Clutch, US$315

Jalda Ostrich Retro Clutch, US$337 (was US$612)

You can also try this casual envelope purse from BODHI. Just insert your hand into the straps that hold the flap in place.

BODHI Strapped Clutch, US$268

Credit: C.Smith/

Magid Kiss Lock Feathered Clutch

Oct 21 2010

Want something different to go with your red carpet attire? Try this Magid Kiss Lock Feathered Clutch. They say fringes on shoes and bags are the trend this season, well, how about if we include feathers into that? Will you take it?

Magid Kiss Lock Feather Clutch, US$56

It comes with a large amber crystal at the center for that added effect. You can grab it in Brown, Grey and Plum colors too…Though only the body of the bag will change in color;  the feathers and amber crystal stay the same.

Brown, Grey, and Plum colors

What do you think? Would you give this purse a go? If you think this feathery clutch would look perfect with your outfit, get it for an easy US$56.

Come to think of it, this purse can actually pass as a Halloween prop. You can use it  with your Halloween disguise. I’m thinking along the lines of a flapper costume like these:

Black Flapper Costume, US$35 (was US$50); Gatsby Girl Costume, US$67 (was US$75); Gatsby Girl Deluxe Costume, US$45 (was US$53)