Object of Desire: The BODHI Safety Pin Clutch

Jun 12 2012 • by Sarah

It is normally hard to find a new and impressive clutch bag in between seasons as merchandise for Fall 2012 has arrived and most of the Winter 2012 collection has not been shipped. Today, I got an interesting break from the monotonous shapes and designs (even an Alexander McQueen knuckle clutch isn’t quite catching anymore) with a clutch bag that’s actually been sitting there since its debut on 2009. Drum roll please…. it’s the Signature Safety Pin Clutch from BODHI.

I instantly fell in love with this bag! Modern, streamlined and chic with a touch of edgy. I am wondering why I haven’t seen this clutch on celebs or socialites lately but I managed to dig in to some who’ve coddled the bag in the previous years (see photos below). Someone better show up with this bag soooon! It’s the perfect statement bag for a casual occasion, I’m thinking of a posh poolside evening cocktail where you can wear a short dress or a pair of sexy shorts.

The BODHI Safety Pin Clutch is literally what it is: a leather purse with a front flap closure and a hardware handle shaped liked a safety pin. When BODHI first introduced this bag, they knew they had a great design and produced it in many different colors. Today, however, the colors in the signature collection have been tapered to 3: black, pink and white.


A version in leather python color and texture is also available. This bag is a beauty and commands a higher price value of $798. The dimension and hardware detailing is exactly the same as those in the signature collection — the only difference is in the material.