Helena Bonham Carter’s One in a Million Clutch

Dec 11 2010 • by Rose

Helena Bonham Carter never fails to keep us surprised with her fashion choices. She appeared at the Moet British Independent Film Awards on December 5 with this look:

Helena Bonham Carter The British Independent Film Awards held at the Old Billingsgate Market, December 5, 2010

At first glance, it might seem that HBC has finally gone mainstream with her otherwise peculiar fashion sense–a departure from her usual quirky fashion style, that is. We checked the dress and it looked just the usual, while the shoes are cute and great overall. Nothing eccentric with the hair, too. So yes, HBC must have had enough of her oddball dressing this time around. Or so we thought. For actually, we haven’t looked closely at what she’s got on her hands–a whimsical, embroidered, black clutch. Here’s a closer look:

What can you say? HBC’s attention-grabbing clutch is a One in a Million Medium Kara Clutch from Lulu Guinness. It’s simple and elegant, and a bit fanciful with all that silver embroidery and applique. And with its printed saying, it might just be one in a million.

I tried hunting for look-alikes of HBC’s clutch, and here are what I came up with:

Franchi Queenie Clutch, $105.88

Franchi Sai Clutch, $107.25

SR Squared by Sondra Roberts Uptown Fold-Over Tote, $75.00

Cynthia Vincent Studded Zipper Pouch, $75.00

They’re not exactly Helena Bonham Carter’s One in a Million Kara Clutch, but I’d say they’re one in a million in their own fabulous way.

Credit: Zak Hussein/WENN.com