Pretty Woven Clutches on Sale at Boutique To You

Nov 23 2010 • by Sarah

With Christmas season drawing near, I couldn’t help but think of the fashion that comes soon after the festive season is over.

Resort season and its yummy concoction of collections definitely keep the festivities going. Hence my excitement when I saw these woven clutches going forĀ  measly amounts over at

Natural colored woven envelope clutch, $15.99 from $28

Zigzag woven clutch, $14.99 from $25

Kate Spade Blooming Wedge, $157.50 from $225

If you wanna play it safe then go for the plain natural colored one. On the other hand, if you’re feeling some color, the zigzag design is a pretty lovely choice. Of courseĀ  I couldn’t help but include a swoon worthy pair of woven wedges from Kate Spade which is also on sale over at These pretty accessories get me giddy for Resort. Plus the mere fact that they’re on sale makes it all the more exciting!

Oh and guess what? You can get an additional 20% when you use the code CJ20SALE at checkout until Nov 30! Now you really have no reason not to get a head start for Resort 2011.