Spot the Difference: Valentino vs. J. Furmani vs. Nordstrom

Nov 15 2010 • by Roselle

I still can’t forget about Carmen’s Electra’s mysterious bow clutch so I am going to cover another set of bow clutches today. But this one is entirely different as it is more of a game.

Enter the Valentino Bow Detail Clutch, a luxe piece perfect for formal occasions. Lovely but also pricey, with a retail value of US$795 – a number that only the wealthy can afford.

Valentino Bow Detail Clutch, US$636 (was US$795 at Bluefly)

It is a very popular clutch. Oh so popular that it earned itself a few knock offs. I found two – J. Furmani and Nordstrom. Yeah, you heard that right, Nordstrom created a knock off of the purse. Take a look:

Nordstrom Bow Flap Silk Clutch, US$32 (was US$48 at Nordstrom)

They did make a small adjustment on the mechanics of the bag. Can you guess what? Clue – it is in the description.

As for J. Furmani, well, like Nordstrom they made a small adjustment too. Scrutinize the picture below and compare it with the Valentino above. Can you spot the difference?

J. Furmani Bow Wristlet, US$25 (

Now let me end this article with a question, if money was no object, which clutch would you buy? Let me guess, the Valentino?