Agate Inlaid “Sajal” Bags from India

Sep 25 2010 • by Roselle

Want something definitely one of a kind? Grab this set of two Agate Inlaid “Sajal” Bags from India which I found at

Agate Inlaid Sajal Bags from India

If you’re curious about what “Sajal” means, it is “to beautify” or “to decorate”. These pretty little purses are decked with stones and metal artwork  each skillfully hand applied and welded onto its metal body. Whether your outfit is casual or dressy, these hardcases are guaranteed to draw anyone’s attention.

It can also be  great gift items too. That is, if you can afford to let go of them. And the best part? It’s only US$52 for a set of two! Now isn’t that quite a bargain?

Get them from Overstock before someone else does!