The Jimmy Choo Printed Pony Conti Clutch

Aug 17 2010 • by Sarah

Here at allclutchbags, we usually talk about clutches we love and adore. We do however, have pieces were not so sure about. Like the Jimmy Choo Printed Pony Conti.

Jimmy Choo Printed Pony Conti, $1558.80 from $1948.50

Seriously, what were the designers at Jimmy Choo, trying to achieve with this bag? I am a bit confused. I know the rock star, tough chic look has been big of late, but this? Isn’t this a little too blatant? I appreciate the effort to go a little out of their comfort zone and be a bit more edgy. But they might have gone quite too far. What are your sentiments on this?

Don’t get me wrong. I like Jimmy Choo. But just like any other designer, the fashion house does have its hits and misses. Sad to say, this piece is just in the latter category.