Velvet Clutches are Rare?

Jun 7 2010 • by Roselle

Guess what I was surprised to find out today? I found out that velvet clutches aren’t as common as satin ones.

I initially thought I wouldn’t have a problem searching for velvet or velour made clutch bags since it’s the next option to the usual satin evening bag but I was dead wrong. I went through several online bag stores and only found a couple of items made of with this material and that’s at

In fact, I was really surprised that Zappos, which has a huge database of bags, only has one offering, a Juicy Couture creation.

Juicy Couture Fashion Velour Zip Clutch, US$88

I guess the rarity can be attributed to the fact that it’s harder to maintain velvet, velour, or velveteen made bags in general.

Now if you are also on the lookout for an alternative to the satin clutch, you now have these options to go for:

Global Elements Velvet Clutch, US$38; J. Furmani Velvet Clutch, US$30

The Jesse B. Collection Plume Clutch, US$95; the Jesse B. Collection Velveteen Rabbit Clutch, US$90

Offhand Designs Nina Clutch, US$50