Rafe New York Vanessa Shoulder Minaudiere – The Chameleon Clutch

Apr 25 2010 • by Roselle

Want to have a purse that can actually adapt to what you’re wearing? Wondering if such a purse actually exists?

Well, wonder no more, because this chameleon-like piece DOES exist in the Rafe New York Vanessa Shoulder Minaudiere!

Rafe New York Vanessa Shoulder Minaudiere

This Rafe New York creation is entirely made of mirror tiles, so it actually reflects what you’re wearing! So infinitely cool! Don’t you agree? I simply think it’s heaven sent.

Rafe New York Vanessa Shoulder Minaudiere

And the good thing about this minaudiere is that it isn’t as delicate as it looks. The mirror tiles are actually made of acrylic, NOT glass; thus it is less prone to breakage. This however, doesn’t mean you can slam it against the wall or drop it on purpose.

Just like other Rafe New York accessories, the Vanessa Minaudiere is limited in stock so if you want it, better get it fast!

On another note, it is not exactly cheap either – retailing for US$554. However, with its unique and versatile appeal, it will really take you a long way, provided you handle it with care of course.

Just imagine the number of times you can use it; in fact, you can even use it with every outfit if you want to!

Available at Zappos.com.